Revisiting our Upstairs Security Screens

One one of our upstairs windows we installed an Amplimesh Security Screen. There were reasons for installing a security screen on the top floor of our house, but they aren’t relevant any more, so I would get into it now.

Amplimesh Steel Mesh Security Screen

The security screen is extremely secure. The one that we got installed is a stamped metal sheet, which is very strong. The problem that we have with it is that it blocks out pretty much all the breeze coming into that window. It’s almost like we might as well shut the window for the amount of breeze that comes through.

The screen is also very heavy looking and obtrusive. We had it installed on a very nice Stegbar timber window, but the screen really distracts from the beauty of the stained timber window.

I’ve noticed on the Amplimesh web-site they now have a newer product, the Amplimesh Clearguard. This product is stainless steel woven mesh, rather than a stamped sheet of steel. This would probably provide a solution that wouldn’t block out as much of the breeze as the version that we currently have, but still be very secure.

We also got a Amplimesh Security Door for the front door on our front verandah. We have the same problem with it blocking the breeze, but because it’s a much larger surface area it doesn’t feel as obtrusive as it does over the smaller window.

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