Cleaning Out our Backyard Gardenbed – Finally

A skip full of old construction wasteTo clean up all the rubbish that the builders have created while working under the house they ordered a 6 tonne rubbish skip to take all the construction waste away. They filled up about half the skip, leaving the other half free for me to fill with all of our left over construction waste from previous work.

Our backyard garden has been so full of rubbish due to the construction that we haven’t felt safe sending the kids out there alone. The builder who put up the front stairs left all of his rubbish behind after a rather unsatisfactory experience with him. The half empty skip will finally let me dispose of all that leftover waste.

The largest piece that you can see in the photo is the landing from the original set of front stairs. My original plan was to use the old landing as a cubby house / stage for the kids in the backyard. It could have been a lot of fun for them, but with everything else going on I was probably never going to get around to building it for them. Like the deck, it was better to get rid of it than leaving it hanging around causing stress, taking up room and reminding me of one more project that I never managed to finish.

Finally a Clean Backyard Gardenbed

Now with the back garden bed finally cleared out I can move the swing set out of the middle of the yard and back into the garden bed, where it used to reside. That will clear up the middle of the yard for more backyard cricket and football, which Caleb will certainly enjoy.

The pavers that you see on the right of the photo above are destined to be our patio out the back door of the ground floor on the house. That is pretty much the only thing left in our rear garden bed.

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4 Replies to “Cleaning Out our Backyard Gardenbed – Finally”

  1. Kelli

    That looks like such a lovely back garden! Isn’t it satisfying to purge all that old stuff and have your space back?

    It’s great seeing photos of your place in Australia. The trees and plants all look so tropical! We’re just coming out of winter here and I need some greenery!

  2. Bill Hutchison Post author

    Kelli, the tropical garden is great, but it sure does take a lot of maintenance to keep it up. I love the size of the yard, especially for the kids.

    Ethan, I love the idea of a “neighbourhood” dumpster day. That sounds like a brilliant idea. Given the look of some peoples yards around here though you might need a skip for every house…

  3. Mark

    Hi, Well done for tackling the garden (something I still need to get finished) and congrats on a great Blog.

    Kind regards


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