7-Ways to Handle a Door-to-Door Salesman

There is a great discussion going on right now at Get Rich Slowly about how to handle a door-to-door salesman.

Here are my favourite 7 suggestions of how to handle a door-to-door salesman:

  • Don’t Answer the Door and Definitely Don’t let them Inside
  • No Soliciting and No Trespassing Signs
  • Just tell them “No, not interested” and close the door
  • Tell them you are renting (if it’s a house product)
  • Remember, door-to-door salesmen are not guests, and don’t need to be treated as such
  • Get a kid to yell “What the hell do YOU want?”, while sitting in a tree
  • Get a Big Dog / or at least a Loud Dog

There are currently 80 comments on the original article, so why not pop over and read some of the comments and other suggestions that the author has. Also feel free to add to the conversion over at Get Rich Slowly, it’s great blog about personal finance:


Here is a link to a great sign to keep salesmen and solicitors away:

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