7 Types of Window Blinds

I posted an article a little while ago about 10 Advantages of Curtains over Blinds. It was written by someone else and had some good points about why curtains are a a better window covering than blinds. As we slowly get closer to finishing under the house we wanted to look at more options for our window furnishings.

Below is another article that I found, but this one covers information on different types of blinds. Upstairs we have all blinds, so we are probably lean towards getting blinds under the house. We’ll see though, as curtains would be nice in the master bedroom.

Here are the Seven Types of Window Blinds covered in the article:

  • Window Shades
  • Window Shutters
  • Sun Control Blinds
  • Wooden Blinds
  • Bamboo Sliders
  • Hunter Douglas Blinds
  • Vertical Blinds

Discount Window Blinds – Save Money With These Secrets!

If you’re looking for information on discount window blinds there are many different styles and textures and colors to choose from in the marketplace today. I’ll give you a number of ideas to think about, ways to save money and reveal some facts and secrets.

When shopping online, you’ll find many affordable, even cheap and discounted window blinds for sale. These include minis, vinyl, wood, faux wood, window shades and shutters.

Consider window shades. They can give your home the privacy that you want whenever you want it, just pull them down. Elegant window coverings today are a major decorating element of your home and are a decorative accessory in their own right.

How about window shutters? They cost more than other types of window blinds. They even come elegant today almost like adding some very fine furniture to the windows!

Consider sun control blinds. Using these will give you the utmost control of the sun so you can experience the outside from within when you want to. There are many choices of discount verticals on the Internet today; more than 220 different fabrics you can choose from. Even the cheaper wooden ones have a very rich wooden look and of course at much lower prices.

The true wooden blinds are carefully designed to bring the beauty and highly insulating qualities of wood into both your home and office. They come in either painted or wood stains. Also you can select roller, blackout roller and Venetians.

Cheaper but nice bamboo sliders offer a simple and yet more elegant option to vertical. Unsightly and even hazardous dangling cords can be replaced with remote control blinds. The slats to verticals are easily adjustable in length and don’t require any sewing or gluing.

Top quality Hunter Douglas blinds are well known for their “on the cutting edge” technology. These are available at Costco among other outlets online and offline. Levelor has long been a brand name that everyone knows. These are also called woven wood shades or sometimes matchsticks. They bring the eternal beauty of the outside inside and provide good insulation against the summertime heat and wintertime cold.

Store ready-made vertical blinds are available in a wide variety of natural colors and are fairly low maintenance. The removable veins are readily available in washable or “wipe clean” fabrics if needed.

Cleaning tips: if you own verticals, use downward strokes only to remove any dust. An excellent method of removing dust from vinyls is to use a cloth that is chemically treated. Or if you put them in a tub, after you take them out, you should carefully rinse and wipe them down and let them air dry.

The direction that you clean the woods is also important and differs from vinyls. Make sure to tilt all the slats downward before cleaning them.

Many of the dealers in window blinds offer excellent discounts. It’s easy to find discounts that will suit you and your budget. You may be able to find close-out sales. If you know any builders you may be able to get them to go along and buy the blinds at their wholesale outlet using their builder’s discount. Check out the prices at Costco. They may have the cheapest price around.

Discount window blinds are readily available online with a little bit of looking. They are always a good value and will add beauty and warmth to your home; at the same time they can block any sunlight from going through your windows. From the wooden Venetians to the newer more modern wooden verticals you’ll find that choosing from this wide range will add a nice touch of style and luxury to your home and still be environmentally-friendly.

For more info on buying the best quality discount window blinds online and offline go to http://www.DiscountWindowBlindsInfo.com for money-saving tips, help, facts, reviews and advice on all types of window blinds including verticals and shades

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2 Replies to “7 Types of Window Blinds”

  1. Kelli

    Since our house’s living space is all on the first floor I’ve been struggling with not having enough natural light when I want the curtains closed for privacy. I think the idea of sun shades that you can pull down as well as up is a great idea! I’ll have to find something like that. Thanks for sharing!

  2. brij.keentoclean

    Window blinds can be used for privacy, blocking the sunlight, and keeping heat from coming out during colder seasons.

    When you choose window blinds for your home and office, keep in mind the theme of your house, office, and you budget.

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