Under the House is Finally Sheeted!

We finally got the plasterboard sheeting up on the walls under the house. Originally it should have been up in December, but because of some problems that we had with water leaking under the house it had to be postponed until the leaks were fixed.

Second Bedroom Sheeted

Looking Down the Hallway SheetingIt might not look like much to you, but for us getting the sheeting up is a huge step in getting our house to the point where we can actually live in the bottom half of it. We should have been in there by Christmas 2006, so it will nice to finally get there.

The plastering should be finished this week, if it stops raining. The high humidity slows down the drying process for the plaster, which adds a lot to the time required for the plasterer to complete the job.

Once the plastering is done then comes the time consuming job of painting the walls and ceilings under the house. At least it will be inside though, so if it’s raining or dark out I can still paint.

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