Installing our “Rainy Day” Clothesline

We installed a clothesline in our garage over the weekend so that we could wash clothes even on the rainy days. We don’t have a drier, so we need to dry our clothes on a clothesline, which doesn’t work so well on the backyard clothesline when it is raining.

Collapsible Clothesline in our Garage

I was able to reuse our old clothesline that had been mounted on the back of the house before we lifted our house. It had been sitting in the garden for almost two years now (I can’t believe it has really been that long…) so it needed a good clean, but it is still in good working order.

Mounting a Wall Mounted ClotheslineI had to purchase some 120mm x 50mm hardwood timber to mount the clothesline onto the rails used for the pickets down the side of our house. I mounted the hardwood to the rails then using 180mm x 12mm carriage bolts drilled right through. I need to actually reverse the bottom carriage bolt so that it sits more flush with the hardwood timber. Right now the end of the bolts hit the clothesline when it is collapsed, I just don’t have a big enough ratchet set to put the bolt on between the pickets.

I then screwed the clothesline to the hardwood using 65mm x 6.5mm hex screws. I originally drilled out the hardwood for the screws with a 6mm drill bit, but because it was hardwood I ended up breaking the screw when I tried to put it in. When I tried, in a different spot, with a 6.5mm pilot hole it worked much better.

One nice thing about the collapsible clothesline that we have is that the clothesline is in two different sections. This way if I am only doing a few clothes I can still park the car in the garage with the smaller section of the clothesline extended. It makes it quite convenient.

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  1. Aimee

    That’s a good idea! We are lucky to have a dryer, because we get really big winters so it would be super hard to just have air drying. But using a garage is a great way to make it work (too cold for us to do, but great idea).

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