Apparently I’m a Pansy for Not Wanting a Cyclone

This is sort of funny…

I was just outside checking our car and the sheeting under the house when someone walked by and asked if I was wanting a Cyclone (the winds today have been up around 90 km/hour, and there has been a lot of rain). I said I definatly do not want a cyclone coming through Townsville, to which I was called a pansy!

Honestly, if not wanting a cyclone to come through Townsville means I am a pansy, then call me a pansy all you want. I certainly don’t want a cyclone coming through anywhere around here.

The last time a cyclone came close to here was in March 2006 when our house was in the middle of being lifted. Cyclone Larry devastated the  city of Innisfail, about 150km North of Townsville. Tamara and I drove through there on our drive from Townsville to Cairns a few months ago and they have still not recovered from Cyclone Larry.

I asked the people if they had ever been through a cyclone before, to which they answered “no”. Well, it figures I guess, only someone who has never been through a cyclone could possibly consider it anything other than terrifying and destructive

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