One Step Closer to Becoming an Australian

For those of you who don’t know, I am a Canadian who has living in Australia for nearly 10-years. My wife is and Australian, as are my two kids who were born in the Townsville Hospital.

Today I sat for my Australian Citizenship Test. Before I did the test I read through a free booklet that the Australian government provides, “Becoming an Australian Citizen“. I also did a few sample Australian Citizenship Tests and was quizzed by Tamara on the booklet.

Well, I passed my Australian Citizenship Test with 100%! I’m pretty excited as I have never been a person who enjoys test…

I wrote a bit about actually sitting the test on my personal blog, as well as some links to some sample tests on that site. Here are links to those articles:

Now I’ll be able to send in my application for Australian Citizenship and go from there to eventually a citizenship cerimony.

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