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Last year the Queensland State Government floated the idea of selling off the Townsville Showground to make way for more development near the centre of Townsville. This week though the government announced that they will not be selling the Townsville Showgrounds for redevelopment.

As a resident of West End, Townsville I had mixed feelings about the sale of the Townsvile Showgrounds. In one hand I like having the Showgrounds here, there is a lot of history to it, and it is central for most people in Townsville. At the same time though I was getting fed up with some of the noise, especially from the motor sports and speedway events begin held there.

In backing off the sale of the Townsville Showgrounds the Queensland government also stated that “high-level impact events such as motor sports and outdoor concerts should not be allowed at the (Townsville Showgrounds) site“. The report went on to say that state government land in the Bohle, a mostly industrial part of Townsville, had been identified for a proposed motor sports complex and drive trainer centre.

So as far as I am concerned, it a win both ways. Townsville gets to keep it’s Showgrounds, and there will be a new, suitable facility built for the motor sports.

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