Free Garden Waste Disposal in Townsville

This year the Townsville City Council has started to allow free disposal of Garden Waste at their land fill sites.

I reckon that part of the reason for the free domestic garden waste disposal is to stop garden waste going into the regular land fill in Townsville. Because Townsville is growing at such a rapid pace there is increased pressure put on the existing land fill site and the general waste disposal system here in Townsville.

We are currently using a garden bag service that we pay a monthly fee to. The new free domestic garden waste disposal is putting a lot of pressure on the companies that do the garden bag services, because they are still charged to dispose of the garden waste, even though most of the waste comes from domestic sources.

We might be looking at cancelling our garden bag service, but given the time saved, the cost of petrol, and the headache of borrowing a trailer, I am awfully tempted to keep paying for the service…

Source: Townsville City Council – Citiwaste

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