Running Plumbing Through our Back Yard

Kitchen Drain Run Into the Back YardAfter sinking 50cm into my back yard a few weekends ago and loosing my flip-flop I figured that I would have a look at some old photos to see where the plumbing was run under our back yard.

If you have a look at the photo on the left I actually sunk into the mud pretty much directly over the top of the new kitchen plumbing drainage pipe that was run through the back yard.

When they ran the new plumbing drainage after lifting our house they put some of it into the concrete slab, but a large amount of the plumbing drainage was run under the ground beside and behind our house.

Plumbing Pipes Behind the House in the Back Yard

Because the climate here never gets cold a lot of the plumbing is run down the outside of the house. It is very different from what I grew up with in Canada, where everything had to be way under ground, or inside the insulated walls, otherwise they would freeze and explode.

Digging the Hole in our Back Yard for our PlumbingWhen they filled in the massive hole that they made for the plumbing in the back yard I don’t think that they compressed the soil at all. It was probably assumed that over time it would compress itself, but with the extremely heavy rains that we’ve been getting the soil over the plumbing just became so waterlogged that it turned into a sort of “quick sand”.

One thing that was interesting that we found out while planning the plumbing and drainage is that our neighbours sewer line actually runs through our yard for their second bathroom. This prevented us from having a larger deck, not that it matters any more though since we are no longer doing a deck.

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10 Advantages Of Curtains Over Blinds

As we are hopefully moving closer to the time that we will actually be able to move into the ground floor of our house we are starting to think and talk about our window furnishings.

We have been quite partial to timber venetian blinds as we had them in our first house, and have them on all the windows upstairs in this house. That said, there are some things that we don’t like about the horizontal timber venetian blinds, and we have thought about what we might be able to do instead.

While looking around for some ideas I read the following article, which has some great points about 10 advantages that curtains have over blinds. I hope that you find it interesting as well:
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Our Garage Sale in Townsville

We ran a garage sale here in Townsville a few weeks ago and the response that we had to it wasn’t as good as what we were hoping for. It was better than our first garage sale at our previous help, but still not very good.

Tamara’s parent’s had run quite a few garage sales down in Adelaide, and the garage sales went really well in Adelaide. I remember running some garage sales in Calgary during their community garage sale weekends, and the garage sales in Calgary did fantastic, although us kids normally ended up buying more stuff at other garage sales than we sold at ours.

One note to look out for though is watch out for rip off artists trying to find bargains at your garage sale!

While I was upstairs at one point a guy came around the garage sale and had a look at a security system from our previous house. I know that the security system was complete, and working well, as I removed it myself from our other house, and we were using it up until when we moved out. The conman said that it was missing parts (a circuit board) and got the security system for half the price (remember, I was upstairs).

I honestly can’t understand what goes through someone mind to convince themselves that to save some money it’s okay to lie through their teeth! The guy probably does it every weekend, and then resells what he buys. I hope he doesn’t come around to any future garage sales that we run in Townsville.

We will probably be running another garage sale this year in Townsville, but we are also looking at using for some of our smaller items to see how we go on there.

Special thanks goes out to Tamara’s parent’s for all their help on this garage sale.

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Skilled Trades Shortage Driving Costs Up

According to an article in Friday’s Townsville Bulletin the areas worst hit with a trade skills shortage are:

  • Regional Queensland
  • Brisbane
  • Adelaide
  • Perth

On my previous article Renovate in Townsville Townsville in 2008 I had written on how hard it will probably be to find skilled trades for renovation work. According to the article the Housing Industry Association of Australia found that all 13 residential construction trades are in short supply, with all of the skilled trades indexes currently in the negative.

Lynette from The Road to Amherst blog is looking at needed some skilled trades in regional Victoria. I don’t know specifically how the trades shortage stack up there, but she reckons, as a lot of other people probably do, that DIY and Owner Builder may be the only way to get things done in the current building climate in Australia.

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