Selling the Deck – For Sale in Townsville

We finally came to the tough decision to sell the deck instead of putting the deck up on the back of our house.

Deck Waiting to Be Installed on our House

I was really looking forward to the elevated deck off the back of our Queenslander, but we will still be able to use the pavers from our old house to put a patio out the back of our house.

Ironically I just heard back from the Townsville Council about my new deck design this week. The next step in that process would have been to contract an engineer to do an engineering certificate for the deck using the steel frame instead of the timber frame.

This actually had no bearing on us selling the deck as we had come to that decision before hearing from council.

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Renovation Advice – “It’s Easy, You Can Do That”

The next person to tell me that “It’s easy, you should be able to do that” in regards to my home renovations might end up with a black eye and a bloody nose.

Our house renovations are not going well. We are approaching our second Christmas where we are still not able to live on the ground floor of our house and I don’t know when we will finally be able to move down there.

I have been told a few times now that what I am doing is easy and that I should be able to do the sheeting, or put put up the deck, or pour the slab for the shed, etc. Just because renovations are easy for someone else doesn’t mean it’s easy for everyone. I don’t tell my friends that to build a web-site or fix a computer is easy and that they should be able to do that themselves, so why is that such common advise when it comes to renovations or home improvements?

This post isn’t directed particularly at any of my well-meaning friends, it’s more like a warning to the friends and family of not-so-handy renovators. If it’s easy, then help out your mate and do it for them or with them. Otherwise just shut-up, because what’s easy for some can be pretty bloody hard for others.