Our Blueway Air Conditioner

We purchased a very reasonably priced Blueway Split Inverter Air Conditioner for our living room from Harvey Norman. The Air Conditioner is a Blueway AS24-VR with 6000watt cooling capacity (we don’t really care about the heating up here in the tropics, but the air conditioner also has 8000watt heating capacity).

Blueway Split Inverter Air Conditioner

As you can see in the photo the head unit of the AS24-VR is quite large. It almost didn’t fit between the ceiling and the window, which was a problem we hadn’t planned for in purchasing an air conditioner.

The external compressor unit of the Blueway air conditioner I have found to be very quiet, but like the head unit the compressor unit is quite large.

The Blueway Air Conditioner does an adequate job at cooling our main living area, but given the odd shape of the room I don’t think any other air conditioning brand would do any better. The swing mechanism on the head unit doesn’t have much range, so to get it to blow straight out into the overhead fan I need to manually adjust the swing mechanism.

The air conditioning installation technician didn’t have much bad to say about the units. He reckons that they run pretty well and he hasn’t noticed any difference in reliability over most of the other better known brands. This is pretty good considering that the Blueway air conditioner was close to half the price of some of the better known brands.

Being in Townsville I haven’t really had any need to use the heater function, but like I said, it’s there if you want it.


Here is the list of Blueway Air Conditioner Error Codes.

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  1. kylie

    brad i called a local air con dealer ” in newcastle nsw, the e3 was a fibulator in the motor and wires being reatached, mine is working now but set on 24 in hot and cold, i just need a remote to change settings, but the hot and cold do work now 🙂

  2. dan

    We have a blueway asw-h24b4 have never had problems with the remote but rest ov the unit is shit needs regas every 12 months even when its working gets house down to temp then just blows air we have had the run around from harvey norman kawana where we brought it from and there for will never buy another thing from harvey he just buys cheap stuff from overseas puts his mark up on it and on sells it.

  3. Warwick

    Perhaps it may a regas or the mode is not switched to cool or the temperature is set too high.

    I expect you know all this but I think it is best to start at the begining!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Clare Hall

    Hi, am renting and already asking for a dishwasher to be replaced and dread hitting them up about the bedrooms air-con (blueway!) so would be so grateful for any idead. Ive read every post, but our problem is weird-I have it on the ‘cicle’ mode for cold, set it to 16 degrees, then it flashes the 16 and then shows the a varying hot teperature that Im guessing is the actual room temperature (eg 28 degrees and up to 39 degrees on the hottest day I tried to get it to work). Does anyone lese have this phenomenon? It seemed to work when we first moved into this place last month-though was never super cold like the panasonic a/c in the living room…any suggestions? I also read in the manual that it wont work to ‘refrigerate’ if the compresser is in 43 degree (or over) heat. Its only blowing wind-a fan-at the moment…thanks in advance for any help guys..thank goodness for forums hey 🙂

  5. Clare Hall

    oops should have done a spell check! Meant ‘idea’s’ and also ‘icicle’ mode and also ‘else’

  6. katrina

    Every time I turn on my split system it automatically turns itself off. Does anyone have any ideas why?

  7. dan

    just b 4 christmas we got an air con repair guy out to fault find our blueway it was not cooling down at all he checked the gas level and said its not a gas problem he eventually changed a capacitor inside the outdoor unit and it worked it would blow cold air for about 3-4 minutes then just air he finaly worked out that the compressor was burnt out as after 3-4 minutes of running with the covers off the outdoor unit you could not touch the top ov the pump as it was so hot you could fry an egg on it. he wrote us out a letter to say it was electric motor burn out and we claimed on our house insurance we now have a mitsubishi hyper inverter that cools the whole house extremely well.i tryed the cheap option from harvey norman and it bit us too the saying you only get what you pay 4 is dead right fortunately our insurance payed for a more reputable brand that has awesome parts and backup service i hope this post helps

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