Exterior Paint Colour Chosen for our Queenslander

Since we finally completed the paint preparation on our Queenslander we are now able to start testing the paint colours.

The top floor or our Queenslander has powder coated aluminium siding. Although it is possible to paint over the aluminium siding, we decided it would be best if we matched the colour from the top floor to the paint that we were to purchase for the ground floor.

Exterior Paint Colour Chosen for our Queenslander

Although you can’t see too much of the top floor siding in the photo, you can see a bit of the siding in the top left corner of the photo.

The paint that we chose doesn’t actually have a name, only a formula (if you really want to know it I can get it for you, just leave a comment). I took in a piece of the top floor siding to Bunnings and they were able to match the colour for us using their paint computers. As you can see from the photo, the paint colour match came up pretty well Continue Reading →

Our Blueway Air Conditioner

We purchased a very reasonably priced Blueway Split Inverter Air Conditioner for our living room from Harvey Norman. The Air Conditioner is a Blueway AS24-VR with 6000watt cooling capacity (we don’t really care about the heating up here in the tropics, but the air conditioner also has 8000watt heating capacity).

Blueway Split Inverter Air Conditioner

As you can see in the photo the head unit of the AS24-VR is quite large. It almost didn’t fit between the ceiling and the window, which was a problem we hadn’t planned for in purchasing an air conditioner.

The external compressor unit of the Blueway air conditioner I have found to be very quiet, but like the head unit the compressor unit is quite large.
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Make a Wall into a Chalk Board – for the Kids

When I first opened up Pigeon Point Project: Writing on the walls… in my RSS reader my response was “wow”. Then I started to think about which wall of our house I could put up a chalk board for the kids to use?

Check out the article to see what photos of I am talking about, but they have made one wall into a massive chalk board for their kid to use. Of course if you believe the article then the kid did it…

Unfortunately I came to the conclusion that I don’t have an interior wall to use for as a chalk board for the kids, but the idea is still pretty cool.