Townsville Builder Shut Down – Mybelle Homes

In the midst of a huge shortage of housing in Townsville one of Townsville’s builders has been shut down because of dodgy business practices.

Mybelle Homes has been shut down last week by the Queensland Building Services Authority (BSA) because of concerns about financial and other harm coming to their customers, employees, subcontractors and suppliers.

This week the Queensland BSA went further and has banned the directors of Mybelle Homes from building homes in Queensland for the next five years. Because of the way builders licenses work in Australia they will probably not be able to get licences in any other Australian state during that time as well.

There were reported delays of up to a year with some of the building work begun by Mybelle Homes. They had building projects in Greenview Estate, Crestbrook, Bushland Beach and Kalynda Chase here in Townsville. Many of these projects are not left half completed, or not yet started. The half completed or not yet started homes should be covered under BSA insurance, but the unfortunate home builders / owners will now be stuck with even more delays in waiting for their houses to be built.


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