Create a Small Hidden Wall Safe for Under $2.00

This looked like a pretty good idea for hiding your smaller valuables that you keep in the house:

We don’t usually keep too many valuables in the house, but if we did this could be a great way of hiding them in an inconspicuous spot. I know that from friends being robbed hiding stuff in drawers, books, etc. doesn’t usually work, and I couldn’t really see a burglar pulling at your power points trying to find the hidden power point safe, so this could be a good hiding space.

Wall Socket SafeIf you are looking for a higher quality hidden socket wall safe you can pick up a Wall Safe – Wall Socket Safe – Hidden Wall Safe over at Amazon for only $7.48. It does the same thing as explained above, but it’s a bit easier and probably would probably stay in the wall a bit better. The product from Amazon is only good for North American people though, as it includes the North American electrical plug design.

Source: Life in Student Ministry – How to hide your big ring of youth group keys

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