Still Finding and Fixing Cracks from the House Lift

Crack above the Timber WindowSince having our house lifted and restumped we have been fixing up the cracks in the walls and floor upstairs.

Today I fixed up another crack. This one was just above the window in the dining room. It was hidden behind the venetian blind top so I hadn’t even noticed it, but Tamara did and had it on our “honey-do-list”.

There is still some tiny cracks in some of the corners where things have shifted, but to fix up all of them I would probably need to repaint everything upstairs. So far I have not had much luck with spot touch ups on any of the areas needing cracks filled and new paint.

If you are planning to lift your house then I would also recommend planning to do a lot of painting, puttying and filling
as well. These jobs are all a lot easier to do before you move back in, especially if you have kids. You will also want someone with a really fine eye to pick up on all the cracks (that is definitely not me, it’s Tamara).

The floor varnish ended cracking at the edge of pretty much every timber board, so it is definitely not waterproof now. The only way to really fix that is to get the whole floor sanded and varnished again, which we won’t be doing for a while. There are two large cracks and a knot in the wood that fell out that we have filled with no more gap, but other than that it will need to wait a while.

Sanding and varnishing your floors is something else that you probably want to plan for if you are going  to raise and restump you house.

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