Do-It-Yourselfers Use Cordless Drills To Save Time

Scott Gray - Guest Blogger on Renovate AustraliaThis guest post was written by Scott Gray of Everyday Handyman.

If you are the type of person who is always seeking the most efficient and productive way of working, you should purchase a cordless power drill to use for all your do-it-yourself (DIY) projects. There is probably no greater loved power tool than the cordless drill/driver. Even if you aren’t remodeling your home or building furniture, you are probably hanging shelves, installing curtain rods, and making simple repairs. With a good cordless power drill, you can drill holes and place screws wherever you need to – including those out-of-the-way places – and never worry about finding an extension cord that’s long enough to reach the nearest outlet. You also don’t have to worry about a dangling cord in the path of the drill or in front of your face.

What Features Should Cordless Drills Have?
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Create a Small Hidden Wall Safe for Under $2.00

This looked like a pretty good idea for hiding your smaller valuables that you keep in the house:

We don’t usually keep too many valuables in the house, but if we did this could be a great way of hiding them in an inconspicuous spot. I know that from friends being robbed hiding stuff in drawers, books, etc. doesn’t usually work, and I couldn’t really see a burglar pulling at your power points trying to find the hidden power point safe, so this could be a good hiding space.

Wall Socket SafeIf you are looking for a higher quality hidden socket wall safe you can pick up a Wall Safe – Wall Socket Safe – Hidden Wall Safe over at Amazon for only $7.48. It does the same thing as explained above, but it’s a bit easier and probably would probably stay in the wall a bit better. The product from Amazon is only good for North American people though, as it includes the North American electrical plug design.

Source: Life in Student Ministry – How to hide your big ring of youth group keys

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Still Finding and Fixing Cracks from the House Lift

Crack above the Timber WindowSince having our house lifted and restumped we have been fixing up the cracks in the walls and floor upstairs.

Today I fixed up another crack. This one was just above the window in the dining room. It was hidden behind the venetian blind top so I hadn’t even noticed it, but Tamara did and had it on our “honey-do-list”.

There is still some tiny cracks in some of the corners where things have shifted, but to fix up all of them I would probably need to repaint everything upstairs. So far I have not had much luck with spot touch ups on any of the areas needing cracks filled and new paint.
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