Our Hot Water Tank Is Too Small – 125L

Since getting our new bathtub and actually being able to have deep baths we have discovered that we never have enough water . The reason for that is that our hot water system is a electric storage type and it’s only 125L!

According to this hot water usage chart 125L on the off-peak electrical tariff, which we have it on, doesn’t even register as being usable, it rates as N/A. If you have it on the continuous electrical tariff it is still only good for 2 – 3 people, but that tariff costs over twice as much to run.

So I guess that sometime down the track we will probably be looking into getting a new hot water system. I reckon that we will probably be looking at a new solar hot water system , since the government currently has rebates on it, they save money in the long run (ROI of around five years) and it’s good to take care of the earth where we can.

In the mean time I will be increasing the temperature in the tank a bit to see if that makes it more usable.

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2 Replies to “Our Hot Water Tank Is Too Small – 125L”

  1. David

    Mate I would really recommend the solar heating – they use them here in England and they are successful – so can you imagine how useful they would be in Townsville!

  2. Bill Hutchison Post author

    Installing a Solar Powered Hot Water Tank is very tempting, but the cost of it is somewhat restrictive.

    When the day comes that we absolutely have to replace this tank we will probably go with the solar powered hot water system, but right now I’m not in a hurry.

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