Choosing our New Bathroom Vanity and Basin

Part of the fun of our bathroom renovation was choosing a new vanity and basin. It was quite the experience again because like with our bathroom wall and floor tiles we only had an hour or so do it, it had to come from one store and it had to be in stock.

Again Tamara and I surprised ourselves by being able to choose our vanity and sink quickly and in full agreement. Here it is, sort of…

New 900mm Bathroom Vanity

I say sort of because the one in the middle is the 900mm (36″) version, the one on the right is the 600mm (24″) version and if you look in the top left you can see the drawers from the 1200mm (48″) version. We had originally chosen the 900mm version of the vanity. Our old vanity had been a 900mm version, so we figured we would choose that same size again.

However, it was decided that we would be removing a partition that was in the middle of the old bathroom and because of that we were able to get the larger 1200mm version, which I don’t have a picture of (other then that small corner). We were pretty glad that we were able to get the wider vanity, especially for our growing family and extra storage space below. We did get the semi-recessed style, which actually works really well in our long, narrow bathroom.

For the bathroom basin we really wanted to get a china top, rather then a plastic top basin. In our old place we had the plastic top and we had a lot of trouble keeping it scratch free, especially with Caleb. We are hoping that the china top bathroom basin will prove to be harder wearing.

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2 Replies to “Choosing our New Bathroom Vanity and Basin”

  1. Bill Hutchison Post author

    I guess that is a potential problem with pretty much any basin where the basin and the vanity are integrated.

    I am hoping that by choosing the china sink over a plastic sink it will hopefully be a stronger basin and last longer. That way we can hopefully avoid any problems with the sink leaking.

    I hope that the only thing I will have to keep an eye on is the seals in the pipes leaking.

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