Picking our Bathroom Tiles

I think the thing that probably surprised me the most when we were picking our bathroom tiles was that Tamara and I agreed on the tiles almost right away.

New Bathroom Wall and Floor Tiles

The tile that is actually on the wall is the tile that we picked as our bathroom floor tile. The one that you see there is a rectangular tile, but we actually chose the square version of the tile.

The white tile that you can see is the tile that we choose as our bathroom wall tile. It looks plain white in the photo, but it actually has a ripple effect to the tile, which makes it look very cool we think and helps to break it up a bit.

The other mosaic tile we are using in feature strips at the head of the bath tub and at the side of the tub.

When we get that bathroom finished I’ll be taking photos so that you can see the final result with the bathroom tiles, but we think that it should turn out looking pretty stunning.

One of the things that helped us agree is that because of the urgency of the bathroom remodeling we had to choose tiles that were in stock, and only from this one tile shop. Despite this limitation we are really happy so far with the bathroom tiles that we chose.

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3 Replies to “Picking our Bathroom Tiles”

  1. Susanne

    I really like the tile you chose for your bathroom floor. You and your wife have excellent taste! Could you let me know what the tile name and color it is? and how much per sqft you are getting it for?
    Thank you so much!


  2. Bill Hutchison Post author

    I had a look at the box and this is what little they say in English, but most of the writing is Chinese:

    Floor Tile: Tong Long Plus 300 x 300mm (12″ x 12″)
    Wall Tile: Wavy White – 250 x 400 x 8mm (10″ x 16″)

    The floor tile was about $34.00 per square metre and the wall tile was about $23.00 per square metre.

    We picked our bathroom tiles up at:

    Marlin Ceramic Tiles
    233 Dalrymple Rd
    Garbutt, QLD

    Tel: 07 4775 7511

    I think that the wall tiles are made by a Thai Tile Company called UMI (it is the only company that I can find that sells those dimensions in a “wavy white”.) The other company is a Chinese company.

    I think that the glass mosaic tiles were also from UMI, but I don’t have a box for them, so I am only guessing based on the mosaic tiles on their web-site.

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