Moving the Electrical Switchboard on our Queenslander

Moving the Electrical Switchboard to the FrontOur original switchboard used to sit under our house attached to one of the bearers. Since the house has been lifted it was too high to read the meter box also with the house being enclosed the meter boxes needed to be moved outside anyways.

It was a bit of a process to get the box installed and moved as the electrician and the builder had to coordinate their time so that the wall was there, but not fully cladded when the switchboard was moved.

The meter box needs to be a certain distance from the front of the house, so for us that meant sticking the switchboard right in the middle under the front staircase. Thankfully the box can be painted, as right now it’s pretty out there, and hopefully that will help it to blend it better.

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  1. Liz

    It’s awesome how you’re documenting your entire renovation as you go. I imagine it’ll be useful to others getting ready to renovate, but also it should be interesting to look back on your own progress in a few years’ time

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