Our Hot Water Tank Is Too Small – 125L

Since getting our new bathtub and actually being able to have deep baths we have discovered that we never have enough water . The reason for that is that our hot water system is a electric storage type and it’s only 125L!

According to this hot water usage chart 125L on the off-peak electrical tariff, which we have it on, doesn’t even register as being usable, it rates as N/A. If you have it on the continuous electrical tariff it is still only good for 2 – 3 people, but that tariff costs over twice as much to run.
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Bathroom Taps, Faucet and Mixer

New Bathroom Vanity MixerIn choosing our new bathroom taps we actually decided to choose to get mixers, instead of individual taps. Our builder actually reckons that mixers require less maintenance, last longer and generally work better than separate taps do. Tamara and I personally think that they look better as well.

Our vanity mixer looks good and is working pretty well so far. Caleb unfortunately couldn’t reach it as first, as it is a bit high, so we got hime a new bathroom stool. Now he handles it pretty well, but it was a bit of a learning curve for him as apposed to the separate taps.

We got a similar looking mixer for the bath and shower with a built in diverted for the shower.

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Housing Affordability in Australia is Suffering

A few weekends ago I read an article about housing affordability in Australia in the local paper. It seems that the average family now needs a household income of over $100,000.00 to be able to afford to purchase an average house!

When I first moved here to West End, Townsville in 1998 you could pick up a three bedroom house for about $90,000. There was a three bedroom house on a quarter acre block just down the street from us on Echlin Street that the owners couldn’t sell at $87,000.

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Free Baby Stuff

Although this is a little off topic from the usual stuff I write about on this blog I thought that it would be interesting for quite a few people that I know read this site and might be interested in some free baby stuff.

At BabyBee you can sign up for a newsletter and for access to the site for lots of free baby stuff. You gain access to Discount Coupons, Gift Vouchers, Free Subscriptions to baby magazines and access to free diapers and samples. You can sign up for the free newsletter at Baby to Bee.

Unfortunately it is not available to us in Australia, so I have not signed up for it, but it looks like it is available for North American readers.

Sign up and tell us what you think of the offers and if any of them are helpful or useful.