New Bathroom Floor Installed

Bathroom Villaboard Installed over New Floor JoistsThey have finished installing the new bathroom floor in our upstairs bathroom. After ripping out the old bathroom floor, it was good to see how quickly they got the new one installed.

The obviously started by putting down the new floor joists. They attached them to the bearer on the internal side of the bathroom, and then welded brackets onto the steel beam on the outside of the room and attached the joists to that.

It looked a heck of a lot more secure than the original bathroom floor did.

New Bathroom FloorAfter putting down the new floor joists they then put on 16mm villaboard. Villaboard is a material that is generally recommended for use in wet areas, as it is extremely resistant to moisture, and is very hard wearing.

They will be waterproofing the entire bathroom with a water proof membrane, hopefully before the weekend comes so that they can start tiling on Monday.

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3 Replies to “New Bathroom Floor Installed”

  1. Floor Sanding London

    It is a very nice work done by you and explained well.. I think you should go for Wooden flooring because it is very good in many ways… but leather flooring is another thing which is coming in these days… keep it up…:)

  2. robbhardy3

    We recently redid the bathroom floor in my bathroom as well. I don’t recall if we waterproofed the floor in our bathroom. We used to have linoleum tile and we replaced it with new tiles. Should I go back and waterproof the floor just in case it wasn’t already done?

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