Front Veranda Tiles Laid

Watching the Tiler at WorkThey finished tiling the front veranda. As a matter of fact I sitting on the veranda right now as I post this article.

As I said in the Waterproofing the Front Veranda post we were a bit apprehensive at first about tiling the front veranda. We had nice hardwood timber on the deck and didn’t really want to cover it up. Now that the tiles are laid on the veranda though we are very happy with the look of the tiles.

Finished Tiling on our Front Veranda

It turned out looking really good, but it was a bit of a process to get it done. Here are the steps that I observed them doing to lay the tiles on our veranda:

  1. Leveling the Veranda for TilingFirst they water proofed the veranda
  2. They then needed to level the veranda where there were low spots
  3. Laid the tiles on top of the grout
  4. Grout the gaps between tilesGrout and Silicone the Veranda Tiles
  5. Installed a silicone expansion joint down the center of the veranda
  6. Finally seal up the small gaps between the tiles and the walls and posts

I think that they still need to put the skirting back against the side of the house, but that should be it. It’s turned out really good.

Because the tiles are quite a lot higher than the original timber decking the tiles are actually higher than the inside floor in a few places. I think that we will need to install a storm door seal on the two french doors and the main entrance door. That way we should be able to stop any water from flowing in off the veranda and into the house.

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