Council Approval for the Framing

External Framing GarageOur current builder started building under our house to the lockup stage on Monday, July the 9th. He had his crew of three guys working every day of that first week, only taking Sunday off.

On Tuesday July the 17th we received the “Compliance Inspection Report” from the Townsville City Council building certifier. The report indicated that “The building work complies with the Development Permit”.

So after only a week and day on the job the framing has already been completed and certified. They have already begun putting the sisalation on the outside of the frame, putting the insulation in the frame cavities that will be sealed up, adding the flashing and waterproofing the front verandah. We are getting ready for the plumber and electrician to come in on the end of this week / beginning of next week.

The only thing that looks like it might hold us up a bit is waiting for the windows to come in. Other than that things are running almost right on schedule.

Really makes me wish I had found this guy 18-months ago. We would probably be living down there already.

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  1. Firthy

    Who is your builder? He sounds excellent. I am a novice renovator in TSV —-> looking to buy and am going through the quasi cost analysis stage of selecting a ‘good deal’. I look forward to A) Finding a home to renovate and,
    B) monitoring your progress.



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