Organizing Cable Clutter

Computer Cable MessIn my last post I wrote about moving around our wireless access point and our cordless phone base station. The reason that I was moving stuff around was to organize our cable clutter.

As you can see in the photo on the left the cable clutter has gotten quite bad and some serious cable organization is needed.

One of the most interesting ways that I have seen suggested for organizing cable clutter is to actually use rain gutters to run the cables through. You attach the guttering to the back of the desk between the points that you need to run the cables and then the cables just sit in their.

A really cool feature of doing it like this is that if you have large enough guttering to use for to organize your cables you can even fit the power bricks and power strips into the guttering, assuming you have enough room between the desk and the wall to fit this sort of cable organization.

We don’t have enough room behind our desk for that sort of cable organizing, so instead I have some small cable clips taped under and behind the desk to organize the computer cables. I can run the cables through the clips, but I need to hide the power bricks between the desk legs and the wall. Two problems I have right now with this is that I have too many cables and the clips keep popping open, and the power brick for my wireless access point is too big to fit between the desk leg and the wall.

Tonight looks like it could be a bit of a frustrating one as I try to get these cables organized and hopefully out of sight.

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  1. Michael

    ‘Quirky’ and its design community over in the US designed a really cool gadget called ‘cordies’. I use it on my desk to hold my printer USB cable, Television VGA cable for my laptop, AUX jack cable for my stereo to hook up to my laptop and my mini USB cable for my HTC mobile charger. It really works well and even looks interesting. No more falling cables off the desk and looking for each individual one.

    Here’s a link if your are interested to buy it straight from Australia.

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