A Canadian Moose Blocked my Wireless

Our Chrome Canadian MooseI swapped around the space on my desk earlier today and tonight Tamara was unable to connect to wireless from her laptop in our bedroom. I tried the normal stuff to get it working, but didn’t have any luck getting it to reconnect.

I thought that maybe our new cordless phone was interfering with the wireless access point since it was now between the wireless access point and Tamara’s computer, but swapping those two around didn’t fix the wireless connection problem.

The next thing I moved was our Chrome Canadian Moose (pictured above). We got the chrome Canadian Moose as a wedding gift and it has lived in all sorts of places around this house and our previous two homes. It must have some very reflective qualities, or just be a solid hunk of metal, because as soon as I moved our chrome Canadian Moose the wireless started to work for my wife.

We both had a good laugh at this one once we figured it out. After all, who knew that a Canadian Moose could block a wireless signal?

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