Our House Might be 140 Years Old!

The builder who is building the walls under our house reckons that our house could be as old as 140 years, built around the 1870s. I had started to pursue the age of my house a bit more last week while looking around the Townsville City Council Web-Site.

As I stated in the previous article after looking at the City Council site a bit I started to think that maybe our house was a bit older than the original 1930s estimate that a previous builder had estimated. Our current builder based his estimates on the structure of the original joists and floor boards. Considering our luck with the previous builder, I would probably put a lot more weight on this new builders estimate.

This builder also thinks that the house was originally a Minors Cottage from Charters Towers that was moved to Townsville around the turn of the 20th century.

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