Hallway Renovation Framing Complete

Hall FramingThe framing on the hallway is now complete.

The hallway will be 96cm wide. It’s a compromise between the 90cm that the builder suggested and the 102cm that the architect suggested. There is no actual council regulation for the hallway width, so we went with the compromise of a 96cm wide hallway.

Because it is quite a long hallway we want to make sure that the hallway width didn’t actually feel too narrow. The hall is about 8.5 metres long, so as you can see in the photo is quite a long one and can feel a bit “tunnel like” if the hallway width is too narrow.

We spent a good deal of time tonight trying to work out the lighting for the hallway. I hadn’t actually thought too much about the hallway lighting up till now, so I would be very interested to hear what other peoples thoughts were on what kind of lights to put into a hallway.

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2 Replies to “Hallway Renovation Framing Complete”

  1. Mom

    I am not sure what they have in Australia. My only advice is get the most light that you can. You don’t want that hallway to be any darker than it has to be! Talk to the experts.
    love you

  2. loz

    i would do the architect width…I have 90cm and is only 4.5m long…looks too pokey especially when there is no natural light…i have decided to extend to 110cm width now because it looks better by far…

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