More External Frames and the Garage

External Framing Back WallExternal Framing GarageThey guys are still cruising through the job very quickly. Today they finished building what looks like all of the external frames for the house!

Most of the bracing ply looks to up as well, which is good. Some of the days this week the whole house was swaying because they had removed the temporary bracing struts to make way for the wall frames. With the new bracing ply on it should make the house feel much more solid.

The garage is really taking shape so that we can see the size of it, and where the laundry is going to fit. Today Tamara said that we had better not be getting a long car anytime soon, and she is right. There wouldn’t be room for a car over 6m in the garage if we want to still be able to use the laundry. I am still hoping that I have room down the side for some shelves and storage, but like many things right now, time will tell.

We had to go for a few hours without water today as they re-routed some of the temporary plumbing, but there has actually been very little disruption for us as they have been working under there. Well, besides the noise of course…

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