How Old is my House?

For a long time I have assumed that our house is from the 1930’s. I have thought this because one builder told us that is when he thought it was from.

I was looking around the Townsville City Council web-site to try to find specifications and examples of deck roofs and I came across a page about “Tracing the History of Your Townsville House“.

1870 - 1930 Colonial Federation and Interwar Pyramid HouseFrom reading their description of common Townsville house styles it would appear as though our house more closely resembles a house from late 1860s – 1910s, like the image on the left.

That would make our house at a lot older than we thought, and closer to the age of our neighbour’s house, who said their house was from about that era.

To complicate things even more a lot of houses during that era were transported from the mining towns, like Charters Towers, to Townsville. Someone else had told us that it looked like our house had been transported from Charters Towers, but at the moment I don’t really know…

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