Construction Has Begun!

Given our previous experience with builders here in Townsville (the first people we were talking too apparently might be going to jail for fraud and the second guy took almost a year to finish our front stairs) we were pleasantly surprised when our new builder was here with his crew at 7:00 this morning to go over the job with them.

External Wall Framing - BackThere were a few very minor changes that I talked to him about, moving some side windows 15cm over, air conditioner installation, door types and hallway width, but it has already begun well.

The builders crew has started to really fly through the external framing. They have already completed eight of the panels needed for the front, back and left side External Wall Framing - Front(because of the steel posts the walls are built in panels, and then inserted between the steel posts).

The builder has told us that he should only take two and a half weeks to do the entire thing to lockup. The only think that might delay that time frame is if the windows come in late.

You can see how the external timber framing needs to fit between the steel stumps pretty well in the photo below. The panel on the right is already up, and the other two are sitting on the ground waiting to go up tomorrow.

External Wall Framing - Left

I’ve also set myself up with a Flickr account tonight, so I will start to load my photos on there for this blog. We will see how that goes…

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