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Screen Door that has Easy and Quick InstallationBecause of the location of our back door is will be nearly impossible for install a normal screen or security door on it. The top of the door jam is right at the bottom of the ceiling. This works fine for the main door, which opens inwards, but it means that we can’t install an outward opening security or screen door because it will hit the roof overhang on the back of the house.

In the latest Handyman Magazine there is a screen door advertised that would work great, except for one problem which I will outline at the end of this post.

The “Bug Off Instant Screen” is a hanging mesh that is secured at the top and then automatically attaches on the sides and bottom with magnets and Velcro. It claims to install in minutes without any tools and it doesn’t damage the door frame. The instant screen door is available in many different door widths and heights and would fit perfectly in our back door.

The problem that we would have with it though, which Tamara pointed out to me as I was getting ready to order it on-line, is that our 9-month old could push right through it and tumble down the stairs. Because it doesn’t actually have a closing or locking mechanism like a normal security or screen door would have, there is no security with it, and there is no way to keep the little (short) people from getting outside through it.

We might be able to revisit this idea once we get our deck up on the back of the house, with a child gate above the stairs of course, but for now we are stuck with the main door always closed…

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  1. Mary Galagher

    Are these bug-off screens available for Australian purchase – need price and delivery to Gold Coast, Australia

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