Renovation Help in Brisbane

While searching for a place that sells new louver windows in Townsville I came across a great site, full of information about renovations. The site is We Renovate Homes, and it is a company in Brisbane that provides DIY advise for people in the process, or thinking about renovating their homes.

Because the site is based in Australia, unlike most DIY sites, the information is very relevant for us. My favourite area on the site is their DIY Renovation Articles. They have almost three years worth of articles up there, so it is well worth having a look at them.

I reckon that this is a fantastic site showing off how, by providing free information on their web-site, they increase We Renovate Homes profile, their credibility and their business. If I were in Brisbane I would be very tempted to pay them a visit to answer a lot of my questions about my own renovations. Given what information they give away for free, their paid information must be pure Gold, especially considering the challenges that we are going through with our renovations (did we mention that our builder quit?).

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