Late Night Painting

Well, it’s 11:45 pm and I just got inside from putting an undercoat on all the steel posts on our front stairs. Do you want to know what it started to do as I was cleaning up the paint brush?

It started to rain!!!

I guess it figures that would happen with all the luck that we are having with our house, but it is still frustrating.

So why was I painting this late at night anyways?

  1. It was cooler then in the day. That is relative though as it was still about 28C (83F), but cooler then the day and no chance of sun burn.
  2. Tamara and I watched “March of the Penguins” while the kids napped in the afternoon, which is my usual time for working on the house.
  3. It just needed to get done.

The centre flight of stairs is still not actually complete, but I think that if I wait until the builder actually gets that up to council regulations then I will be waiting for a very long time…

“The House is Killing Us”

These were the words of our four year old son the other week. He was only repeating what Tamara had been saying, but it has been true for us in the last few months.

Our house has completely consumed our family.

Our weekends are no longer our own. Our spare time is always spent on our house and our relationship with each other and with the kids is suffering.

We feel right now like we are at the end of our tether.

  1. Our contractor has verbally confirmed that we will be dissolving our contract, but has still not gotten the letter to us to finalize it and he is not answering our phone calls or returning our messages. Until he does this (been waiting for three-weeks now) we can’t move ahead with anyone else, or even doing stuff ourselves.
  2. What was meant to be “temporary” plumbing and gas fittings is now going to have to be make semi-permanent as it will probably take us over a year now to get someone to replace our builder based upon most builder’s waiting lists.
  3. Our deck is still sitting a pile of timber and metal in the back-yard waiting to be erected. I really don’t want to see that timber rot, or the metal rust if it sits there too long.
  4. The timber yards are closed until the 8th of January, so even if we could do something ourselves we might not be able to get timber for it. Steel, for the deck stumps, will take even longer.

Right now we are considering putting a hold on our major renovations. The plans for council are valid for six-years, as is my owner-builder license. This means that realistically we can put it on hold for quite a while before we move ahead with things, and we can also take our time and not rush the project and put too much pressure on ourselves.

At the moment we are not really sure what to do with everything. Thankfully there hasn’t been too much talk about walking away from the house and selling, but for us to continue down this path won’t be good for our family.

Any advice from other DIY renovators would be appreciated…

Renovation Help in Brisbane

While searching for a place that sells new louver windows in Townsville I came across a great site, full of information about renovations. The site is We Renovate Homes, and it is a company in Brisbane that provides DIY advise for people in the process, or thinking about renovating their homes.

Because the site is based in Australia, unlike most DIY sites, the information is very relevant for us. My favourite area on the site is their DIY Renovation Articles. They have almost three years worth of articles up there, so it is well worth having a look at them.

I reckon that this is a fantastic site showing off how, by providing free information on their web-site, they increase We Renovate Homes profile, their credibility and their business. If I were in Brisbane I would be very tempted to pay them a visit to answer a lot of my questions about my own renovations. Given what information they give away for free, their paid information must be pure Gold, especially considering the challenges that we are going through with our renovations (did we mention that our builder quit?).

Bunnings Gets New Shopping Trolley

I know, it’s crazy that I get excited about Bunnings (like Home Depot) getting more shopping trollies, but when you spend as much time as I do there, this is an exciting development.

The previous trollies were pretty horrible things that usually had a mind of their own and were exactly the same as a supermarket trolley. The new ones were actually designed for a hardware store, which made it easy to fit a new toilet on the trolley last weekend, something you couldn’t really do with the old ones. Also because they are new they actually go where you want them to, which is a real bonus.

I know, it’s pretty sad that I’m this excited about using a new trolley at Bunnings, but I’m sure that I am not the only one…