Builder Calls it Quits

I had previously written about our builderhaving his previous off-sider quit on him while working on our house. He had picked up a new apprentice and things seemed to be going well, until last week when he had to let his apprentice go.

With this latest apprentice quitting he has come to us and told us that he can’t abide by our contract and get the house enclosed by the end of January (our previous thoughts were that we would actually be moved downstairs by Christmas, woops). So now it looks like we are left without a builder.

This sucks…

Because of the wait that there is for builders in Townsville this looks like our plans could be pushed back a year behind where we thought we would be.

So now we are stuck with a house three metres above the ground and no-one to enclose it. I wish that I could say I can do it myself, or even get some mates to help do it, but I wouldn’t hold out much hope for that happening.

Now what?

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