How Far Behind Schedule Are We?

At the moment I have two weeks of unused leave for this calendar year. In our original plan I was supposed to be using those two weeks to paint the exterior of the house.

Instead right now the only thing that I have that I can paint are the new front stairs. There are no walls or even frames under our house that I can paint.

To say that we are frustrated would be an understatement.

I only wish that I had the skill to do it myself..

Daytime Watering Finally Band

As I have said before, I think that daytime watering should be banned almost all the time anyways. It is a complete waist of water to be watering in the heat of the day and the Townsville City Council had finally agreed.

There is now no watering allowed between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm in Townsville.

Although these measures might seem quite strict for Townsville, in reality they are nothing compared to the total ban on watering that they are considering for down in Brisbane right now. Australia is currently in what some are calling the worst drought in 100-years. So that will have to lead to some pretty drastic action needing to be taken.

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Large Tree Finally Gone

Caleb and I spent the weekend finally finishing off removing the last of the tall Eucalyptus tree from the back of our house. We spent the better part of a half day removing all the mulch from where the stump grinder had ground up the remainder of the Eucalyptus trunk. The trunk was probably about 1.5 metres (almost 5-feet) in diameter, so there was a lot of mulch left over from it.

Digging up the Mulch from the Stump Grinder

Unfortunately it was not easy finally getting the tree lopping finished off. It took us almost a month of pestering to finally get the tree lopper out to finish the job (check out the original story, Using a Cherry Picker to Cut Down our Tree). They finally came and almost finished the job, but not completely.

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New Template on Renovate Australia WordPress Blog

While building a few new web-sites at work I finally got a bit tired of the old site design here at Renovate Australia.

So I changed it.

First I used Fantastico on my hosting plan to upgrade to WordPress 2.04. Then I downloaded and played around modifying the Cutline WordPress template. I added a few new WordPress plugins as well to Cutline.

And here we go…

Leave a comment below and let me know what you think of the new template…