What the Real Estate Ads Really Mean

We’ve all read the ads that say “Needs a little TLC” and “A Great Fixer Upper”. If we’ve been looking at houses for a while we know that really means “Floors, walls and all wet areas need renovating” and “May need significant structural work to avoid being condemned”. That may be a slight exageration, but we all know that it’s not far from the truth.

When we were looking around for our first house we got sucked into a lot of those sort of homes. Thankfully wisdom prevailed and we didn’t actually purchase one of those homes. We ended up moving into a suburb about a 15-minute walk away from my work into a house that needed a bit of cosmetic work, but nothing too major.

Below is actually a pretty good article about what real estate agents do to sell their own homes, as opposed to someone elses home. It also talks a bit about what words to use in writing ads for selling your home, and what words to avoid…

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  2. MarcioWilges

    It’s interesting how the world wouldn’t be able to function with the removal of tactful advertising haha! I can’t imagine what would happen if someone was truthful when trying to sell their house!

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