Hard to Kill Plants

Tamara and I have not had much luck with pot plants. Actually we have had ZERO luck with pot plants. Every single one that we have owned has died. These include the two that we received at Caleb and Jessica’s welcome ceremonies (thankfully we have had better luck with the kids…).

This page lists a few different plants that seem to be hard to kill.

If you have no time to fuss with houseplants, you’ll appreciate a species that forgives you if you forget to water exactly on schedule. Here are some of the least-thirsty indoor plants — they can last about two weeks between waterings.

The plants listed seem to be pretty good at resisting us forgetting to water them. You can read the full article at Sunset Garden: Forgiving Houseplants.

Now all we need to do is find some kid proof plants (other than cacti, which could hurt the kids, which we don’t really want to do).

Source: Lifehacker – Hard to Kill Plants

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