Trouble Finding an Electrician in Townsville

Last week I called about eight different electricians to try to get quotes done on the renovations under our house. Of the eight I left about four messages, booked a time with one electrician and was told by the other three that they were too busy to do any more quotes this year.

Well, of the four that I left messages with only one has called me back, and he has already been and given me a quote for doing the electrical work under the house, and the upgrades needed for the top floor.

To add insult to injury the one guy who I originally booked a time with called and canceled, saying that they were not doing any more quotes this year.

If I want any more quotes I can only hope now that the carpenter doing the framing under the house comes though with the electricians that he has worked with before.

The other problem is that I really can’t wait too long, otherwise the guy who has quoted me already will probably book up and no longer be available for the job. It almost feels as though I just need to hire whatever contractor actually shows up, regardless of the price…

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