Intelligent / Structured Wiring in the Home

This week we have to start to get quotes on electrical for our house (Thanks to all the help on my last post, “How many Power Points do I need?“). One of the things that I am wanting to look at is how I can set-up distribution and wiring for phone, network, audio and video, as well as electrical.

I received my owner builders package last week and it included an article about “Smart or Structured Wiring” for the home.

I had always planned to do this, but hadn’t really found a good solution that explained how to do it. I have found stuff about how to do one or two of them, but not something that included all of them together.

The documents that came with the package were good, but didn’t actually provide any DIY Wiring information, it only pointed you to certified installers. Here are some links to two of those sites:

If anyone out there has some good resources for wiring up your home can you please comment below.

I am going to be looking around a bit to see what I can find, as I’m sure I have read about it before, but I haven’t been able to find it yet. When I find some stuff I will make sure to put it all into a post.

On another note here in Australia you are not actually allowed to install your own data cable in a house without a special installer license. For me that means that now I will need to get the electrician to actually do it / oversee it, or I risk a $10,000 fine!

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  1. Bill Hutchison Post author

    It was something that we were hoping to get in our latest house, but our house was too old to include it. If I were buying or building a new home I would definitely want to get structured wiring.

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