Not All Real Estate Agents are Bad

If you have been reading this site for a while you probably would have read about some of the things that we went through while purchasing and then selling our old house. If you haven’t read it here is a link to the article, Young and Naive, I’ll wait until you’ve had a chance to read it…

Okay, now that you are back (or did you ever leave?) I will tell you another story about buying a house, our house.

The company was selling the house that we are currently living in was Coral Sea Properties. They have actually been the company to buy and sell the house the last three times. This seems to indicate to me pretty good service as people have been happy both purchasing and selling their house through them.

The service that we got from Coral Sea Properties was actually quite good. They gave us mostly realistic information (they made some things seem a bit easier than it actually is, like getting a builder…) and we felt like they never actually gave us deliberately false information. We felt like we were dealt with honestly, which is more than I can say for the previous two that we dealt with.

I realize that I have still not detailed the deceptive tactics that the real estate agent used in selling us our first house, but I do want to get to that eventually.

This story was actually prompted by a contact that I received from this web-page last month. The person who contacted me is a real estate agent in Townsville who does not work on a percentage commission, but rather on a fixed price for sale. I apologize for taking so long to respond…

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