The $100,000 Tree House!!!

As we have been getting closer to finally knowing what to do with the development of our own house (will tell you more later) my thoughts have sometimes wandered to the back corners of our yard and the tree or cubby house that I want to build for Caleb down the track.

I found what I thought was a pretty good plan from Mitre 10. I wrote about it in a previous article, An Amazing Tree House.

I must admit now that what I had previously thought of as a good tree house is not actually all that impressive. In an article on the New York Magazine web site they have some pretty impressive looking tree houses. They are professionally designed and cost upwards of $100,000 USD! Below is an image from their article and a link to the page:

I must admit that I am impressed, but I don’t think that I will be changing my own plans for Caleb’s own cubby house…

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  1. DavidWimble

    lucky i have one tree house in sydney for my kids , i only spend 500 dollars ! got old timber left over and all i do buy fence treated pine timber becauseĀ  its lighter.

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