Using a Cherry Picker to Cut Down our Tree

After almost a month of pestering and chasing our tree lopper and trying to coordinate with our neighbour they finally showed up last week with the cherry picker to chop down the tree. Because we have a very narrow lot the cherry picker had to access our yard through the neighbours yard.

Using a Cherry Picker to Cut Down a Tree

Cherry Picker at Work

The main reason why they took so long is because their communication skills were extremely poor.

On the first day they were supposed to cut the tree down they apparently showed up and their was a padlock on our neighbour’s yard. Instead of coming to talk to us or talk to our neighbour, they just left. I had to call them the next day to figure out why.

Then the cherry picker broke down on two other occasions.

On the fourth attempt they were supposed to get back to us about if the skip in our neighbours yard had to be moved for the cherry picker to fit. When they never got back to us we assumed that meant that there was enough room for the cherry picker, but when they showed up they decided they couldn’t fit and just drove away.

Fallen Tree under the Cherry Picker

Messy Yard after Cherry Picker Cutting

Last week they finally arrived and cut down most of the tree, but the cherry picker couldn’t reach all of it, so now we are waiting for them to find a climber to cut down the rest of the tree. I hope that we won’t be waiting too long, but at least now the neighbour can move ahead with putting up their shed.

It looks like I might have to do something about the back yard grass now after the logs fell on it. It is extremely bumpy and uneven now. I think that I might have to cut back the grass and roll it back and then put down dirt or sand to smooth it out.

Does anyone out there have experience with doing something similar? Any other advice for what to do?

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  1. Faye

    Hi Bill
    Just reading the article about the cherry picker and the lawn damage.
    I can remember Ken “topdressing” our lawns over the years when they had little dips in them.
    I don’t think you would need to cut and roll back the grass.
    You just put the dirt in to fill the hole and with gentle watering the grass should grow through the top layer of dirt eventually.
    Love Faye.

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