Aerial View of Our Old House

Recently Google Maps updated the quality of maps that are available for Townsville, Australia. Previously the quality was horrible, but now you can actually get some pretty decent shots out of it.

Aerial View of our Old House

Here is an aerial shot of our old house. We had the tin roof painted with a white insulating paint, which is why it looks so bright. Also on the bottom of the house you can see the shade cloth that was over our deck.

It’s pretty amazing the quality of the photo, but I am not too sure how old the photo is. Most of the houses in the photo are now gone to make way for a parking lot, although our lot looks like it’s been turned into a dumping ground for fill.

If you have a decent computer with a broadband Internet connection head over and grab a photo of your house and then let us know in the comments below where we can check it out…

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