Having Good Neighbours

We have been extremely blessed to have had good neighbours at all of our residences in Townsville since we have been married. When we were renting our unit we had the end unit and a young couple on the other side. Then at our old house we had a neighbour who was a real pain to the city and the shopping centre, but a great neighbour for us as he really advocated for all of us people in the neighbourhood.

In our current house we have another young family with kids on one side and another couple on the other side. Both of them have been great neighbours so far, even during all the noise of us lifting the house and signing the documents to allow us to put a deck on the back of the house (it will be closer than usually allowed to the property line, but in line with the current house).

Unfortunately all is not well in neighbourly relations here in Australia as you can read below and in the article I’ve linked to:

Overall, 16 per cent of Australians have been forced to move house to escape bad neighbours with NSW and Queensland residents leading the way at 21 and 20 per cent respectively.

You can read the shortened Internet version of the article (for a limited time only before it hides behind a subsciption page) at News.com.au: Bad neighbours prompt home moves: study.

What has your experiences been with neighbours?
How have they handled the noise and disruption caused by renovation?
Is this experience unique to Australia?

Let us know in the comments below…

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