Clothesline Finally Installed

The Hill’s Hoist “is one of Australia’s biggest success stories; a story which has become part of Australian folklore”. Which is a lot to say about a simple clothesline, but almost everyone in Australia will acknowledge that the Hill’s Hoist is an Australian Icon. (You can read the full story at The Hill’s Story.)

A few weekends ago I finally got around to installing our new clothesline in our backyard. The clothesline can actually be removed from the ground hole and the ground hole plugged. That way even though it is in the middle of the backyard we can just pull it out if we want to play sports in the yard. We’ve got 54m of clothesline, which will hopefully be enough for our growing family…

Nearly 40kg of Concrete used to cement in the clothesline

It took us nearly 40kg of concrete to actually fill the hole that I dug for the clothesline. This was a bit of a pain since I had only purchased 20kg and had to send out Matt (pictured below) to pick up more for me and the closest store was already closed.

Cement mixing tarp, spirit level and general mess

To mix the cement I just purchased a $2.00 tarp and made a pool with some of our old bricks from the backyard. This was a lot easier than purchasing a wheel barrow. Since we haven’t enclosed under the house yet I don’t have anywhere to actually store a wheel barrow, but a tarp is pretty easy to store.

Installing the Clothesline with the hired help - Matt

The instructions for installing the clothes line actually call for using twine and pegging the clothesline so that it stays vertical. The guy I spoke to at Bunnings though recommended I use timber planks clamped onto the clothesline (as pictured above) and pegged into the ground. This was supposed to create a much more stable base for it, and it seemed to work.

Installed Clothes line - the photo is crooked, not the clothesline...

Here is the installed clothesline. It actually is perfectly straight according to the spirit level, I was only trying to make the shot more “artistic”. (Did it work?)

6 Replies to “Clothesline Finally Installed”

  1. mario scorsone

    Help……. Purchased a paraline inside out from your strore in riverwood .n.s.w.
    No instruction inside box on how to install could you please email me a copy .
    Thanking you kindly Mario Scorsone.
    Model n FD45110 Thanks again

  2. Bill Hutchison Post author

    Hi Mario,

    I don’t actually sell clothesline, I only installed that one because we needed one in our backyard.

    I think that I found the manual that you need though for the Hill’s Paraline Inside – Out. You can download it over at Baily.

    I hope that helps.



    Hi Bill
    You are a life saver thanks for the prompt reply and advise clothesline up thanks to You .
    Kind Regards Mario

  4. Matt

    Hi i am a professional clothesline installer and ive got to say, “Good Job Bill”. Just for your readers info, i i have a clothesline installation page that covers all types of clothesline installation here, go to quality clotheslines. net and just click on the installation tab. Hope this helps some of you.

  5. Paul Charles Walker

    Hey Matt,
    I’am Cabinet maker experience and i want for a changed, wanted to be a clothesline installer and you said you are pro clothesline installer so i ask you where can i find a job like learning, training or course for clothesline installer?? Please let me know thanks! Paul

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