LG LX-M240 Micro HiFi System

This weekend Tamara and I went out and had a look for a micro HiFi system for under $200. Our main three requirements were that it looked good on our book case (more Tamara’s requirement than mine), it had decent sound and it played MP3 CDs.

We tested out pretty much every system under $200 and decided on the LG LX-M240 Micro HiFi System as it gives fantastic sound for that price range and it met all of our requirements. There is certainly a large selection of sound systems out there in this price range and with these specification though.

LG LX-M240 Micro HiFi System

The temptation was definately there to look at the $300 multi-disc changers and to look for more, but since we only needed something small this was a good fit for us. Because access to the system would be pretty easy and it played MP3 CDs, the need for a multi-disc changer wasn’t very great.

The main reason why we were in the market for a micro hi-fi system is that with our living room reorganization we had lost most of the room on our entertainment unit. The old stereo didn’t fit in the bookshelf, so we were stuck with the old one sort of hidden behind the TV. The new system has helped us to better organize our space. The only downside is that our chrome moose had to find a new place to live on the desk instead of on the bookcase.

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