House Concrete Slab is Complete

The concrete slab under our house was finished a while ago now, but I was a little distracted and haven’t posted the photos and update yet on this site.

Below are the photos of our new concrete slab. Tamara jokes that she has been looking for the gold in slab and hasn’t found it yet. It’s not much to look at right now, but at least I can visualize what will be happening down the track.

The Front of the slab is 50cm above the ground level
Front of the slab

Looking back over the slab - still curing in some areas
Looking where the rooms will be

View of the Slab from the back - You can see the in slab plumbing
You can see the plumbing at the back of the slab

There is about a 30 cm drop in the ground level from the back of the slab to the front of the slab. This is great for the water flowing off our property but it means that the slab at the front is 50cm above the ground.

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